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Reno Nevada is a member of Team Banzai and a part of The Hong Hong Cavaliers. He was portrayed by Pepe Serna in the 1984 film The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension.

In Universe[]

Before accepting a fellowship with the Banzai Institute, Reno had a think tank where he and his associates solved difficult problems that crossed their desk. Growing frustrated by the fact that his solutions and reports presented to government agencies sank into oblivion, he decided, after a particularly bad day, to send a letter to the Institute.

About a week later, Buckaroo Banzai arrived together with Pecos, Peggy and Rawhide to make an interview. Pecos made jokes about Reno, so he decided he would not like her (an opinion which he did not keep, as we know from adventure Bastardy Proved a Spur.) When Buckaroo found out that Reno plays saxophone, they played syncopated music all evening, with Buckaroo on guitar, Rawhide on piano, and Pecos on harmonica, Peggy watching them. The evening went well until Reno found out that the drink he had been drinking from Buckaroo's thermos had been fermented mare's milk and ended up in bathroom. Buckaroo assured Reno that he would be well next day, asked him to play with The Hong Kong Cavaliers at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles the following Saturday and offered him an internship at the Banzai Institute.

Reno later became resident at Banzai institute and now records adventures of Buckaroo Banzai and his team. He is the (in-universe) author of the novel depicting events from the docudrama.

He became romantically involved with Pecos and worried about her during the events depicted in the movie, when Pecos was in Tibet and could not contact Team Banzai because of interference created by Nova Police.

He was shot by John Bigbooté at the news conference.

He did not trust Penny when she appeared out of nowhere and while she was taking care of him after he had been shot, he told her story about assasination attempt on Alexander the Great where a girl full of poison was sent to deliver Alexander a deadly kiss. Penny kisses Reno and he appologizes for distrusting her (note in the novel says he was delirious at the time).


Reno's name comes probably from name of city Reno in Nevada.