Rawhide is a member of Team Banzai and a part of The Hong Hong Cavaliers. He was portrayed by Clancy Brown in the 1984 film The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension


Not much is known about Rawhide. He was known to team chronicler Reno only by this name. Rawhide used to be a baseball player and was amateur folklorist and naturalist. By training he was a biochemist. He travelled a lot and had a photo of himself among Touaregs in his room.

He once had a wife and children, he was divorced.

He seemed to be the closest to Buckaroo from all Hong Kong Cavaliers and might be considered Buckaroo's lieutenant.

During the events concerning Lizardo and Yoyodyne he was killed by a poisoned barb shot at him by John Bigbooté.


Rawhide narrates the alternate opening of the docudrama.

He had a rotten tuna sandwich in his hat and offered it to Buckaroo before concert in Artie's Artery. Buckaroo refused and asked for fugu instead.

He spent a week with Reno in the Sea of Japan until they were rescued by Japanese fishermen. Rawhide said it was not as bad as “a whole ten days in a friend’s condominium in Los Angeles with nothing but a couple of tins of cocoa and some oatmeal to eat.”

Rawhide plays piano.

Rawhide tried to “develop a high-protein livestock feed out of houseflies”.

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