Professor Tohichi Hikita is a Japanese particle physicist. He is part of Team Banzai and a resident of Banzai Institute.

He is from Nagasaki were he grew up with Masado Banzai, Buckaroo's father. He later came to USA with him to work at Princeton.

He is with Dr. Emilio Lizardo one of the inventors of OSCILLATION OVERTHRUSTER that enables travels to other dimensions. They tested the overthruster in infamous Princeton experiment in 1938 when Lizardo passed partially to the eighth dimension and was possesed by John Whorfin.

In 1955 he was at the first Jet Car Experiment, where Buckaroo's parents were killed. He protected Buckaroo from the explosion. Then he rose Buckaroo together with Buckaroo's grandfather, Edward McKay Willoughby.

During the adventure Across the Eighth Dimension he was kidnapped by Red Lectroids, but was rescued quite quickly by Buckaroo. He then went to the lab to prepare a substance that allows people to view Lectroids as they really are.

In the lab he was again ambushed by Lectroids, but they did not catch him. However, he gave an OSCILLATION OVERTHRUSTER to Penny, who was then captured by the Lectroids.