Pecos is a member of Team Banzai and Hong Kong Cavaliers.

She was with Buckaroo when he invited Reno to join the Banzai Institute. Reno did not like Pecos at first, since she made fun of him, but that was the first time Pecos laughed since Sluggo had died. She later became romantically involved with Reno and they plan to marry. She was given a bezel ring by him.

On Peggy's wedding, she and Captain Happen conversed with black-robed shade, possible murderer of Peggy. She then participated at seance where Captain Happen's connection with Hanoi Xan was revealed.

During the events concerning depicted in the docudrama she was in Tibet with Seminole Kid on the Calypso. Because of interference caused by Nova Police, they could not communicate with the rest of Team Banzai which frustrated Reno. She was battling Xan's death dwarves and escaped them with help of school of porpoises.

New Jersey mistook Reno for Pecos when they first met.

Pecos is interested in the concept of space elevators.

Pecos plays harmonica.