Nova Police is a law enforcement agency from Planet 10. They are Planet 10 equivalent of Interpol.

Nova Police became highly interested in earthly matters after Buckaroo Banzai successfully tested OSCILLATION OVERTHRUSTER and broke to the eighth dimension.

They already monitored John Whorfin and other Red Lectroids when they arrived to earth after Princeton experiment and in 1938 Halloween Hoax incident, however their intervention was not needed, since Lectroids had no means to get back to Planet 10. (this needs to be checked)

After successful Jet Car test, Nova Police sent a ship owards the earth to prevent return of Whorfin and his lectroids to Planet 10. The approach of Nova Police ship caused all kinds of disruptions in Earth communications system. When they got to the Earth, they sent a Thermopod with a message for Buckaroo. This thermopod was shot down by the infamous duck hunters. John Parker as the only one of the thermopod crew got to Buckaroo and delivered a message from John Emdall.

The message gave the Earth the ultimatum. Either Buckaroo destroys John Whorfin or the Nova Police would fire their particle beam weapon at Smolensk. With communications disrupted by Nova Police, the Soviets would consider it the first strike and whole world would be caught in Nuclear war, destroying everyone (Whorfin included).

Buckaroo succeeded and Nova Police did not destroy the world. However, adventure Return of the Screw shows, that Whorfin secretly survived those events without Nova Police noticing.


Nova Police members are Adders, a species called Black Lectroids in the movie. With camouflage they appeared as Jamaicans and wore siler coat as a part of their uniform. They were very agile and could jump very high and run very fast. John Parker used a bicycle to deliver a message to Banzai Institute, so either they use bicycles at Planet 10 or they learn physical skills very quickly.

Known members of Nova Police Edit

Crew of the thermopodEdit

  • John Parker who delivered a message o Buckaroo Banzia
  • John Valuk who is dead, since he fell on his head
  • John Gant, the pilot and commander of the thermopod, who was trapped inside while Lectroids were trying get inside. He destroyed himself before they got to him.

On shipEdit

  • John Penworthy, fleet commander
  • John Emdall, the queen